Who are our growers?

Some were born and raised in the valley, growing up on their farm with Okanagan air as part of their DNA.

Others have come here later in life, falling in love with BC’s interior and whole-heartedly embracing this beautiful land.

With over 430 local growers, each individual and family has their own story. Regardless, they all have one goal in common—to bring you the best and tastiest fruit possible.

There’s more to it than dirt and seeds. To grow fruit as good as ours, you need smart, caring and compassionate people to put in the work. With strength in numbers, our growers are part of the larger family that makes up BC Tree Fruits. Acting as support to one another, and ensuring they have the means to focus on what matters, providing you with excellent fruit remains the goal of all our growers.

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Prospective Growers

BC Tree Fruits can give you the support you need to grow quality fruit. If you are interested in joining the cooperative, please contact us for more details.

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