The Ambrosia Apple Story: A Delicious, Home-Grown Original

MEDIA RELEASE October 22, 2010

The Ambrosia apple is a home-grown original – not only is the variety a favourite among consumers, Ambrosias actually originated in British Columbia. In the early 1990s, the Mennell family in BC’s Similkameen Valley discovered a tree in Sally Mennell’s orchard which bore unusual apples. Their orchard had previously been planted with Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, but they had replanted the area with Jonagold trees. A chance seedling grew up in one of the rows and the Mennells noticed that the fruit pickers that season seemed to really favour the apples on this unique tree. In fact, its fruit was stripped clean! The Mennells tried and loved the apples as well, and decided to try to produce more. Once the existing tree had matured, they cut and grafted a few branches onto other trees to see if they would still grow the same apples. The procedure was a success, and Ambrosia was born. The Ambrosia apples have the general conical shape of their parents, Reds and Goldens, but their color, texture and taste are distinctly superior and unique.

Fruit of the Gods

Ambrosia apples have a distinct honeyed and slightly perfumed flavour. Aptly named Ambrosia, food of the Gods, they are a delight to look at, touch, bite into and savour. The skin is smooth, with a bright, almost iridescent pink blush over a creamy background. The flesh is tender and juicy, with a very fine, crisp texture. It is a sweet, low-acid apple with a pleasing aroma. When they’re sliced, they do not turn brown as quickly as other varieties, making them ideal for salads, fruit plates, and eating on their own. Because of its natural sweetness, this apple requires less sugar in baking than most other varieties used for cooking.

Beauty Meets Quality of Taste

The notion of beauty has always changed with the times. When it comes to apples, robust red has traditionally been the attractive favourite. Now Ambrosia is breaking the red-isbest barrier with its bi-coloured good looks. Ambrosia apples are smooth-skinned stunners with a bright reddish blush over a creamy yellow background, and are redefining what consumers look for in the ultimate eating apple.

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Andrea Bava