We may be best known for our apples, but our runner-up fruit is our delicious mouth-watering cherries.

Cherries have been around since prehistoric times. In fact, piles of cherry pits have been found in Paleolithic cave dwellings.

Cherries Features:

TASTE: sweet yet tart

FLESH: firm, juicy

BEST FOR: travelling snacks and in baked goods.

Quick Tip for Cherries:

  • Store refrigerated and unwashed for several days.
  • Choose plump, bright-coloured fruits; avoid soft cherries.
  • To maintain optimum flavour and texture, keep cherries chilled. (We chill them right after they’re picked and they stay that way until they reach your store.)
  • Take that chilling one step further and freeze some cherries to use instead of ice cubes in the beverage of your choice.
  • To remove cherry stains from your hands, simply rub with a wedge of fresh lemon


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